Sunday, October 07, 2007

"You can't fool us. We're from the 'Learn to Fart' state. "

I have long been bothered by so-called "patriots" who display the American flag in disrespectful ways. Since (the) September 11th, Americans have been showing their solidarity and patriotism by more prominently displaying the American flag. I am not opposed to this; quite the contrary. I like to see people develop a sense of solidarity and unity. America is great because great and everyday people have worked hard to make it that way. Our flag is a symbol of that.

However, there are some people who don't appear to fully understand the significance of the flag as a symbol. These people allow their flags to be dirtied, faded, mutilated and destroyed, yet continue to display them. I'm talking about people who display flags from their cars. We've all seen them, the small plastic versions flying from a plastic pole attached to the top of a window. Flying flags from your car subjects them to the elements and winds exceeding 60 mph, causing them tear and fade. If you really want to show your support for our country, don't do it by mindlessly destroying the flag. Give it the proper respect that it deserves. Display it on the inside of your car or find some other way of showing your patriotism.

Or maybe you could vote once in awhile. Either way.

For the record, I support our Constitutional right to burn flags, which I see as an entirely different issue.

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