Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"Why are we doing it?" "Liberal guilt!"

If no one has attempted to give you liberal guilt today, have a look at one of the more heavy-handed guilt trips I've seen in awhile:

Miniature Earth

Even though it is true, the facts alone are staggering. They didn't need to be dressed up.


Kirsten said...

Inspiring. Maybe slightly pretentious. I guess I'm a freakin' richie, despite how poor I feel.

Daniel said...

You are rich, Kirsten! The real irony would be if these statistics caused people who are in the richer 50% to give to those in the poorer 50%, but the top 6% didn't give jack.

Coby said...

Wow! Because I have some money I must be a jerk! Man, It's horrible that America sucks so bad and that captitalism has, once again, failed us. Let's revamp the entire idea and move to a more socialistic government; one in which there's less incentive to work and make yourself better.

Why is is America's job to take care of the world? Oh, and Daniel...the top 6% do give jack, they give a good amount of money to charity, albeit for tax credits, but they give.

Mormegil said...

From now on this is how you will see my name appear.

Daniel said...

Mormegil? Weird.

Anywho, the argument that you should be making is that not only do the top 6% give "back" through charity, but it is their work that makes life for the rest of us possible. Without big business, none of us would have jobs nor enjoy our quality of life.

My argument is that the rich get proportionally more out of the system than do the poor, so they actually end up in debt to the system.