Tuesday, June 03, 2008

"Somebody please give me a job. I play nerd. I do nude scene. Don't make me punch your throat!"

Today's post is going to follow a less traditional format. That is, it won't be following a format. I have a few thoughts about some random subjects.

First, Hallelujah, Obama's clinched the win! Oh wait, that was premature. Now he's won. No wait, it's still unclear. Aw crap, let's just call it and make it a reality. The press coverage on today's primaries has been terrible. They should just wait until Clinton concedes because until she does, it's not over. Party hardliners, including most party leaders, would rather see her as the candidate than Obama so in my mind, it's not over until she says it is. If she does eventually concede, I hope Obama tells her where to stick her stinking, party-splitting, overlong and over-boring sorry sack. Obama should give the VP nod to Edwards who bowed out of the race early and with class. Besides, Edwards will help sway Southern voters, a crowd Obama will not win with Clinton as his running mate.

Second, Congratulations to my brother who just birthed his second spawn. He labored for a long time and it was a very difficult and physically demanding process for him. And I think his wife might have helped a bit.

Third, I love the Simpsons. I love the old stuff, the new stuff and the movie. I love most of the commentary and I love owning the DVD's. I just wish there were some technology that would allow me to watch the episodes I have in random order. I could, but there are a number of digital intellectual rights restrictions, a lack of available technology and generalized laziness (one of my more common maladies). As an aside, I really liked this season's, "Apocalypse Cow" and "Any Given Sundance".

Finally, if there were someone whose throat I could punch to get a job, I'd do it. I wouldn't even have to worry about the repercussions because I know a good lawyer who can represent me for free!


J said...

Maybe before you get desperate to go to Subway looking for a job you should try these links.




Mormegil said...

Don't worry comrade, soon enough the government will be along to help all of us out.

Daniel said...

Awesome! I can stay unemployed forever!

Kirsten said...

And then you go and give yourself a job.