Tuesday, June 09, 2009

"Aliens, bio-duplication, nude conspiracies!...Lyndon LaRouche was right!"

I was recently informed that I am but a shill in a multi-national, multi-species plot to enslave the human race. The source of this life-changing revelation was radical free-thinker and likely Vulcan, David Icke:

I'm still not sure exactly what his theory is, but it scared me into adding another layer to my tin foil hat. As I understand it, federal, state and local governments have given themselves the power to incorporate, thereby sidestepping constitutional law and moving themselves into the realm of maritime and contract law. This allows them to contract directly with citizens in such a way that citizens surrender their natural rights in exchange for certain "privileges" such as driving, practicing in professional trades, etc. As insidious as this sounds, it's only the tip of the iceberg.

This side-stepping of our natural rights is actually part of a far-reaching scheme to enslave the human race. This world is an illusion and every level of government in every country on the Earth has been infiltrated by a reptilian alien race from the constellation Draco:

They have successfully cross-bred with humans and can now change between their human and reptilian forms. All of our leaders are either one of these hybrids or one of their servants. I'm not sure what the Prophet Icke thinks is the aliens' ultimate goal, but I'm sure it's unpleasant. Probably something to do with cattle mutilation or rectal probing. I urge you all to learn more by trying to decipher what he says on his official YouTube channel! Human race - get off your knees!

Looks like Alec Baldwin was right.

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