Thursday, July 09, 2009

"Steven Spielberg is unavailable, sir." "Then get me his non-union Mexican equivalent!"

I used to wonder if Jason Chaffetz was stupid or just insane. I've decided that he's both.

1) Chaffetz is co-sponsoring an unconstitutional bill aimed at illegal immigrants. It's so cute how he thinks he can change the Constitution's citizenship requirements with an act of Congress.

2) On Chaffetz' website, he includes the text of an article talking about criticism he's received for proposing that illegal immigrants be placed in "tent cities" to await deportation. He then goes on to claim that his idea is aimed at all illegal immigrants, not just Latinos. He makes this claim despite the fact that the only ethnicity mentioned on his website talking about illegal immigration is "Mexican".

My hypothesis is further supported by the fact that he sleeps on a cot in his congressional office; lost a leg wrestling match to Stephen Colbert; subsequently whined about losing to the able-bodied Stephen; then was owned by Stephen on national television; and voted against the "Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act".

After all, he's got big shoes to fill. (Although, for the record, Neil Cavuto is also a raging lunatic.)

Update 7/10/09: Really big shoes.


red said...

But if he allows illegal immigrants to come here they'll kick him out of his office every night when it's time to vacuum. I agree.

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