Monday, January 18, 2010

"Hug you, man. Cover me!"

My little brother is coming home from his mission in a few weeks so we're going through and trying to repair the damage we've done to his stuff while he was gone. We did the most to his XBox 360 because until I bought mine, his was the only one in the family.

We went to look at it a few weeks ago and the disc tray on his XBox 360 wouldn't open. After getting the faceplate off and messing with it for awhile, we still couldn't get it to work. Finally, I broke down and looked up some solutions online. I found this page from the Microsoft support website. I thought I'd try it out and lo and behold, the instructions got the tray open. It even opened and closed a few times...and then stopped working again. After messing with it some more, I discovered that as long as there is a disc in the tray, it works. If I close the tray while empty, it stops working.

I'm mostly posting this because I appreciate it when other people solve their problems and share it with the world. I'm also posting it to create a record that I did not break his XBox. It was his sister.

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