Tuesday, March 09, 2010

"The only industry in Hollywood without a soul is the music industry."

At long last, someone is suing "Avatar" for copyright infringement. It's a British Columbia man who claims he sent his copyrighted script to a bunch of studios, including Cameron's, for production. The lawsuit is pending in America's Hat, so it's not important, but the point is that someone is finally calling out Cameron on his story idea.

To which I say: get over yourself, hugger.

Let me begin by saying that I have not, and likely will not, see Avatar. I hated Titanic and I will never forgive Cameron for it. The coolness of Cameron's pre-Titanic movies comes close to saving him from the public flogging he so richly deserves. Not even his awesome alliance with the Laser Cats can save him. The fact that Titanic outgrossed Star Wars just sickens me and he can choke on his stupid Oscar forever.

Despite my bitterness toward Mr. Cameron and his mind-raping adventure, I have to disagree with Mr. Canadia's claim that he thought up "Avatar" before Cameron did. No sir, many, many people thought up Avatar before Cameron did, and even before you did. See, Mr. Canadia's screenplay was copyrighted in 1998. Let's take a moment and examine just a few examples of media that thought up this idea before then:

  • Pocahontas - 1995
  • Fern Gully - 1992
  • Dances With Wolves - 1990
  • Speaker for the Dead - 1986
  • Dune (the movie) - 1984
I'm not saying that Cameron didn't rip off any of these works (he claims the movie is based on a dream he had), but rather, that these people all thought up this movie before you did, Mr. Canadia, so get in line.

Besides, Hollywood has been ripping off previous works since its inception. You're just one of thousands of people screwed by the dirty machinations of Hollywood. That doesn't make it right, but it also means that you're not special.

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Mormegil said...

Wow, we agree again on something. I have no desire to see this movie, although I have the fairly unique privilege of claiming I have never seen Titanic, nor will I ever do so. But after seeing the trailer for Avatar I knew what the movie was and like you demonstrated...it's been done.