Friday, May 21, 2010

"So, your job is you take things that are working and you fix them."

I recently came across this post on the official Kaysville City blog:

For those of you not familiar with our humble little burg, Ponds Park is a park with soccer fields on one side, a baseball diamond, small playground and big hill on the other. Going from the top of the big hill, which was probably at least 50 feet tall, all the way to the bottom, so maybe 30 total feet, was a long metal slide. It was one of the greatest slides ever built in the history of the world. I remember being little and scared to death of going down it. I even revisited it as an adult and slid down it with my scared kid and really quite enjoyed it. During the winter, you could sled down the other side of the hill, or if you were crazy, down the slide itself. I'm sure many horny teens lost their precious virginity near that hill (in Kaysville, kissing someone is as scandalous as intercourse is in other places).

Well, now, it is no more. The city, in their infinite wisdom, decided to bulldoze a perfectly fine, even great hill, and replace it with something more dangerous that fewer kids can use. Ironically, the author of the city's blog even recognizes this fact:

"The slide was fun for children, but we hope they will enjoy the climbing rock as much as they did the big slide."

So, to the then mayor and the city council, I say with all due respect (none), that you are retarded.

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