Monday, September 20, 2010


I have spent much of the last month playing the latest in Bungie's panoply of great games, Halo: Reach. This post is not to review the game (although it is amazing), but rather, to point out the many completely idiotic tactical mistakes made by the Covenant.

1. Putting a bright light on your snipers. This makes them easy to spot and easy to kill with a headshot. While this isn't such an issue in Halo 3, it is in Halo 2 and ODST because much of those games are played indoor or at night, when the light makes the snipers very, very easy to spot, rather than insanely difficult. While this makes the game more fun, it's tactically retarded.

2. Trails behind banshees. Again, this makes them easy to follow and easy to kill. I'm sure Bungie did it for the same reason as the sniper thing, to make the game easier and thus more fun.

3. Bright, shiny swords on otherwise invisible dudes. While the invisibility makes them harder to see than without, the swords make them stand out more than a visible, non-sword wielding guy would. But I guess that subtlety is not the Covenant's M.O.

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