Thursday, November 08, 2007

"This is the part of the job I hate."

I hate Ronald Reagan. I hate his politics, I hate his personality, I hate his memory and I hate that Republicans won't rest until everything in the entire world is named after him. (I know it's a Wikipedia site, but it's the best list I could find so only count 50% of it as accurate.)

In case you don't remember, Ronald Reagan was either directly or indirectly responsible for one of the most atrocious violations of the law committed by the executive branch - the Iran-Contra affair. In 1985, President Reagan authorized members of the CIA to continue to support rebels in the Central American nation of Nicaragua in direct violation of the law. To fund their evil plan, the CIA sold weapons to sworn enemy of the US and current 'Axis of Evil' member, Iran. (It's worth noting that at the time Iran was at war with sworn enemy and 'Axis of Evil' member, Iraq, to whom we also sold weapons, many of which were later used against US troops and Iraq's own citizens.)

President Reagan was also at the helm when the nation went through a series of economic crises, at least one of which was brought on by his "Reaganomics", immortalized by Ben Stein (who was quoting someone else) who called them, "Something -doo economics. Voo-doo economics."

President Reagan broke the law, sold weapons to our enemies and hurt the economy, but our leaders want to rename the entire world after him. Now I know what to do to fulfill my goal of having Congress rename the Florida the "Daniel National Memorial Wang."

It's worth noting that I am also sick that we built a memorial to FDR without a single mention of his order to round up American citizens based on their race, take their property and forcibly remove them to internment camps.

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