Wednesday, May 07, 2008

"Jerkface killed YourMom"

Star Wars Battlefront II: Great game or greatest game?

I love Battlefront II. I just can't express enough how much I love it and here's why:

First, Battlefront I was great. It was fun to get into full-scale combat in the Star Wars universe. In Battlefront II, they took the great things about I and expanded them. They added more maps, more characters, more units, and more options. A lot of people were disappointed that it was so much like the first version, but I disagree; I think it was great that they stayed so true to the original. My only complaint is that they left out the Rhen Var and Bespin levels. Let us pray they either release an expansion or include them in BF III.

Second, I love the frenzy of battle. I love how crazy battles can be, with grenades going off all around you, people falling to the left and the right, troops running frantically around the map, and the sheer volume of units on the ground - especially during the campaign. The game's ability to simulate battle is, in my opinion, unparalleled in the video game world.

Third, I love the heroes. I know that I might be alone here, but I love running around as Anakin or Obi-Wan or even Yoda or Boba Fett (but not Leia. What a loser!) and just blasting or slicing the heck out of everyone. Just today I got a 61 killing spree as Darth Maul. 61! It was awesome.

Fourth, I love the campaign. Not only is the gameplay just awesome, but the story is also way above par for a video game. Granted, it's coming from pretty good source material, but they did a very good job of finding a new and unique way of exploring the Star Wars universe. Plus there are no irritating accents to deal with (R6V, when will you learn?).

Fifth, I love killing Jawas. It's one of the most difficult scenarios in the game, but hunting Jawas is almost the most gratifying thing I can do in any video game.

Sixth, I love the control. I love that you can play all of the maps in different ways with different eras. I love that you can change the scores, who gets the hero, etc. I also love how much you can customize your controls (Infantry, Hero, Vehicle, Starfighter, etc.). It's unheard of!

I don't care what other people say, releasing a sequel that is very similar to an already near-perfect original is not a mistake - it's smart. Let's just hope that if they do decide to wide release another sequel that it will be at least as good as this one.

In conclusion, I love Battlefront so much, I want to take it out behind the middle school and get it pregnant. Maybe our love child will be a great third installment that includes the missing maps from I and hero starships to boot.


Eric said...

Sure, they have an expansion pack coming, but you have to download it via X-Box Live. I guess not everyone scrupulously avoids online subscription services, but I'm not everyone. Plus, last time I checked, you don't have an X-Box live account and you probably shouldn't get one...

M & M said...

You and my husband both! When I purchased the X-Box for him (several Christmases ago now) I bought two paddles thinking I would play games as well. Sadly, no (for some reason my brain does not function three-dimensionally). The most he can get out of me is a few levels of Super Mario 3 on our original Nintendo. Mike has to wait for either my dad or his brother if he wants a competitive round of Battlefront.

Killing Jawas, Dan? Really?