Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tuesday night bar review

A few weeks ago, I had my first-ever court appearance. In spite of a whole host of things that went wrong, it was pretty educational. The most educational part was when I stepped into the hall to set up a schedule with opposing counsel. As we walked out, I smelled the distinct sifter of alcohol. I thought it might have been one of the non-bar individuals in the courtroom (who were a shady bunch since this was a criminal hearing), but realized I was mistaken when I sat down on a bench with no one else in the vicinity but my government counterpart. I have rarely smelled such a strong scent of alcohol as I smelled from Mr. Assistant Attorney General. I guess that’s why they call it the bar association. (Ha ha ha ha ha. I kill me.)

Note: The original title of this post wouldn't fit in the space alotted, so I am republishing it here:

“Honey, all this power of deduction stuff is cute, but I’ve got two lives in my hands here. Two souls depending on me giving the performance of my life in that courtroom tomorrow.” “Scotch?” “Hell, ya! Let’s get stinko!”

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