Friday, September 26, 2008

"Wayne Jarvis, Attorney at Law. I have a responsibility to tell you there is no candy in this room."

Like all pundits and commentators, I make mistakes. However, unlike most pundits and commentators, I admit them. Here are two examples of times where I made a claim that came back to bite me in the butt:

1. Insignificant? Really?

In October 2007, I wrote a post about my favorite and least favorite Republican candidates, and I made the following statement:

However, the middle candidates (McCain, Huckabee, Brownstreak, I mean Brownback,
Paul, etc.) are really too insignificant to make a difference, so screw 'em.

So....I'm a moron.

2. Experience...who needs that?

In December 2007, I wrote this post about Ron Paul. No, I haven't decided that I like Ron Paul - he's still a raving lunatic. Rather, I made this criticism:

Dr. Paul believes a lot of other crazy things like ending
natural birth citizenship
, withdrawing from the WTO, lifting all limits on the Second Amendment, that only a few years of mediocre congressional service qualifies you to be president...

Oh, 2007 Daniel, if only could have seen into the...past. In November 2007 (3 weeks prior to my Ron Paul post), I wrote the following:

The candidate that I've started to get behind is Barack Obama. Man, I love that
Crapnuts. I'm a moron and a hypocrite. I guess I could say in my defense that Obama's four years in the Senate have been more productive than Paul's, and I would sound like a weasel.

It looks like I not only missed the mark with Republican primary, but I also screwed myself over with the Democratic nomination. But, like all pundits, I will stubbornly stand by my choice despite all of the hypocritical statements I make to the contrary [cough Glenn Beck cough].


Rob said...

Congratulations Daniel, not practicing what you preach, you can now call yourself a true Democrat. Just playing. That is kind of funny though. Everyone says stuff that they look back on and say oops. Our presidents have given us some doozies:

"I have opinions of my own --strong opinions-- but I don't always agree with them."
-George Bush

"Politics gives guys so much power that they tend to behave badly around women. And I hope I never get into that."
- Bill Clinton

"Facts are stupid things."
- Ronald Reagan

So you're up there with the presidents.

Daniel said...

I'm not a true Democrat until I've burned a flag in protest, taken away someone's gun, felt smug about driving a more fuel-efficient car, and tried to turn America into France. But at least I can check "hypocrite" off my list.

Rob said...

You are a funny funny man.

Guess I can't really say anything, being unaffiliated and all. I'm like an atheist when it comes to politics, don't believe in anything, but complain about what everyone else believes in.

Kirsten said...

I have to do all those things to be a democrat? All I've got is being smug about driving a more fuel efficient car... though my coworker has a concealed weapons permit and is considering finally acquiring a firearm. Perhaps I can take it from her.