Sunday, October 05, 2008

"I am so dang Totally Awesome that satan encourages his angles to fight me every where he can as I am one of his greatest enemies."

Utah seems to be a haven for crazy politicians. We've got folks like Chris Buttars, Greg Hughes, and many more. Therefore, I shouldn't be surprised that we can produce what is quite possibly, the best candidate for governor ever seen in the history of our great state: Dell Schanze. This man has taken Utah politics to a new level, and I for one, invite his candidacy. His positions put into stark relief how utterly normal our current Governor is. Here are a few quotes from his website:

The vast majority of media in Utah is controlled by satan.

I'm SUPERDELL; don't even allow the dark side to put a spark of doubt as to my
intentions and goodness.

The vast majority of Utah wants lower energy costs; running cars on water is
legit and proven, I'm the candidate that will pull Huntsman out of our gas holes
and I believe I can lower energy costs by at least 90%. You have no choice but
to vote for me.
I also took the title of this post from his website - verbatim. There are a number of errors, including capitalization, grammar, and word juxtaposition, all of which I left in place for your benefit!

I also encourage you to read his official statement from the voter information pamphlet because apparently, even according to SuperDell, I would be a better governor than him. Is there anything he isn't right about?


Kirsten said...

He hasn't been run over by an H3 yet? I'll take care of it.

Rafe & Sam said...

Oh Dan you should have seen some of the people in the Washington state primaries. We also had a water fueled car weirdo amongst others. It turns out Utah isn't the weirdest state in the union.